PREP classes are now over for the year. It was our pleasure to be of service to you, and to be able to share a wonderful year of growth and faith with you and your children. A special word of thanks to Monsignor McAree, Father Abraham and Deacon John Kelleher and Deacon John Jurasek for their support this year. We are truly blessed here at St. Catharine’s, to have such dedicated men of faith leading us. We are also grateful to our amazing Catechists and Assistants who have worked very hard to share their faith with your children. We are so lucky to have such a fine staff here at St. Catharine’s. Their dedication to your children and faith is evident in all the wonderful learning activities that happen each week in each class. God bless you! Mrs. Audrey Angelini

Congratulations to our First Communicants! Two weeks ago, 2nd Grade girls and boys received their First Holy Communion. Many of us may remember the thrill of our own First Communion and can easily imagine the excitement of our children and their families on this wonderful occasion. Jesus taught us, “I am the Bread of Life … anyone who eats this bread will live forever.” All of us, both young and old, need to remember that we must receive the Lord in Holy Communion on a regular basis. We need to worship the Lord, on the Lord’s Day, in the Lord’s House. We need to accept the Lord’s invitation to approach the altar, the “table of the Lord,” and be fed by Him, to enter into close communion with Him. By eating, “the Bread of Life,” we are able to avoid the weakness of “spiritual starvation” and remain strong and healthy on our journey of faith. Let us all try to recapture the excitement of receiving Our Lord in this most special way as often as possible.

St. Catharine’s Parish Religious Education Program's On-Line Registration for the 2017-2018 School Year continues. Please go to the PREP Registration page of this Website. Registration is first come/first served. Payment may be made using PayPal, or we ask that you come into the PREP office within five days with a check (made payable to St. Catharine's PREP) to hold your spot. Please have a second choice of day as some classes are already full. Please note, you must be a registered member of our Parish to register your child/children in PREP. Please stop by the Rectory or the PREP Office to pick up the form to register with the Parish. Forms are also available on this website on the Home Page under Online Forms and Documents. If you have questions, please call the PREP Office at 359-4014.

PREP Classes are held on Sunday mornings from 10:30-11:45 AM; Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 4:45-6:00 PM for grades 1-6; Wednesday nights from 7-8:30 for 7th grade; and most Monday nights from 7-8:30 PM for 8th grade.

A note to Parents of First Grade students, in order to properly prepare for the Sacrament of Holy Communion, students must complete both First and Second Grades.

Prior to completing the form, please be sure to have the following information handy: Parish Registration Number (please call the Rectory at 845-359-0542 if you do not have this number. If you have Sunday envelopes, it will be on them), Pediatrician's information, two alternate emergency contacts, Student's date of birth, Student's Baptismal information (Date of Baptism, name and address of Church), and alternate choice of day (in the event that a class closes).

Payment may be made using credit card, debit card, or PayPal, or we ask that you come into the PREP Office with a check (made payable to St. Catharine's PREP) within five days to hold your spot.

We encourage all our families to attend the 9:30 AM Family Mass on Sunday mornings, and to have your children join their fellow students as they gather in the Church to celebrate the Liturgy of the Word in a way designed just for them.
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God's Little Giants
St. Catharine's Little Giants Program is a wonderful ministry that responds to the religious and spiritual needs of students grades 1-8 who have physical, mental, or emotional challenges which may impair their participation in a regular classroom, and necessitate their receiving instruction in a small group, or one-on-one setting, or mainstreamed into the regular class, with special assistance. Our program meets on Saturday mornings from 9:00-10:00 AM in the new wing of the school building. Instruction is provided in small groups and parents are encouraged to join our catechists at each meeting. Children have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities that include preparing for sacraments, participating in Mass, singing, reading, and sharing. Our primary goal is for children to know that God loves them. Please call the PREP office at 845-359-4014 for more information.

The word "catechesis" means "to echo." Literally, we are to echo the good news of Jesus Christ to the world. Would you share your faith with the wonderful children of our Parish? God gives us amazing grace when we answer His call to carry on the joyful mission to "teach as Jesus did." We thank our dedicated parents and catechists who teach Jesus' Gospel and help the children grow in their faith and love of God and His Church. Our volunteers are one of our greatest assets, and we are very grateful for the gift of themselves, their time, and their talent. They enrich the whole parish. Do you feel called to be a messenger for Christ? We would welcome more of our parents, guardians, and teens to be catechists or assistants in our PREP program. If you are interested, please call Mrs. Audrey Angelini, Coordinator of Religious Education at 359-4014.

Catechesis or Religious Education is the process of communicating the beliefs, values and practices which make people Catholic Christians. It is the work of handing on, from one generation to the next, the faith that has come down to us from Jesus and the Apostles and the way of life to which that faith calls us. PREP assumes the responsibility of carrying out this mission to the children attending Public School.

The Parish Religious Education Program (PREP) has as its goals:
- To assist parents in imparting the Catholic faith to their children as a living and life-giving faith.
- To teach students what a Catholic believes and how a Catholic lives in response to that message.
- To involve students and families in the life of the parish, i.e., in worship, community and service.
- To encourage parents to continue their own religious development.
- To build a community of faith where all feel loved and respected.

PREP Forms & Documents

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Eighth Grade Letter to Student
Eighth Grade Calendar - 2016-2017
Eighth Grade Sunday Calendar - 2016-2017
Community Out Reach Experience - Community Service form for 7th and 8th grade students.
Sponsor Form - Please use this form to register and become a sponsor for Confirmation.