Below you will find the Lectors' schedule available for download as a PDF. If you would like to learn more about the Ministry of the Word, or become a Lector, please call Veronica Rogers at (845) 624-1427.
The Ministry of the Word calls us to be servants of the Living Word of God. In proclaiming the readings at Liturgy, the Lector does more than simply read. In the readings, the table of God's Word is spread before the faithful, and the treasures of the Bible are opened to them. A Lector’s spirituality must include an understanding of Holy Scripture as God’s Living Word made present to mankind throughout history, but most fully present in the person of Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh. The duty of the Lector is to proclaim the readings from Sacred Scripture, with the exception of the Gospel. The Gospel is read by a Deacon, and if no Deacon is present, the Priest Celebrant himself will read the Gospel. A Lector may also announce the Intentions for the Prayer of the Faithful, if no Deacon is present, as well as, the weekly announcements.

Those who exercise the Ministry of the Word should be truly suited and carefully prepared, so that the faithful may develop a warm and living love for Sacred Scripture from listening to the sacred readings. The Lector should prayerfully prepare before arriving for the celebration of Mass by reading the assigned scripture, taking care to discern the meaning and importance of the text. The Lector should also practice the readings aloud if possible, making sure to pronounce words distinctly, and to understand their meaning. The Ministry of the Word is one of evangelization, inviting the assembly into a deeper and richer relationship with God, and, as such, the Lector should come prepared to proclaim the Word with conviction and passion.

Our Lectors help share the Word of God and are assigned to serve every 3-4 weeks. If you cannot make your assignment, kindly arrange for a substitute by calling another Lector or emailing the group and asking for someone to fill in. Thank you for your continued dedication to the Ministry of the Word!