Dear Parishioners,

Welcome to St. Catharine's Parish. Today is the Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time.

"Let all the nations praise you!” (Psalm 67:4) today’s psalm response exclaims. In the psalms and other Hebrew scriptures, this kind of invocation is actually an invitation to God to act, to intervene in human lives in a manner that will cause everyone—not just the Chosen People—to give praise.

It is a challenge to God, the sort of strong statement the psalmists of Israel, trusting in their intimate and loving relationship with God, were not afraid to make.

The Gospel has its own exclamation, announcing the appearance of the Canaanite woman with “Behold!” (Matthew 15:22) “Behold!” is a scriptural flag that tells us that God is about to act or announce something through an individual or a situation. In the case of Jesus, God was going to act through this woman, whom nobody among Jesus’ followers would have believed to be an agent of the divine will.

Like the psalmists, we might passively inform or perhaps even actively challenge God to do something so that everyone will come to believe, but God will always turn the tables on us.

It becomes our calling, our duty (as it was for Jesus) to behold the situations and persons of our daily lives so that God can act through us, so the Kingdom can be announced through our living.

May the grace and peace of the Holy Spirit be with you this Sunday and always.

Msgr. Francis J. McAree, S.T.D.

At St. Catharine's Church we are committed to:
- helping everyone of all ages to grow in a deeper understanding of our Catholic faith
- living as church members of the Body of Christ in the Archdiocese of New York
- being faithful witnesses as disciples of Jesus Christ in our daily lives
- embrace living the Gospel message amidst the challenges of contemporary society

Calendar of Upcoming Parish Events

Sun. Aug 20 - Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Sun. Aug 20 - Special Mass for College Students, 11:00 AM
Tue. Aug 22 - The Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Sun. Aug 27 - Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time
Sun. Aug 27 - Second Collection - Catholic Religious Education
Fri. Sep 01 - First Friday, Mass at 8:30 AM
Fri. Sep 01 - Eucharistic Adoration, 9 AM to 7 PM
Sat. Sep 02 - Social Activities, Bus Ride & Ferry around NYC
Sun. Sep 03 - Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time
Sun. Sep 03 - Welcome Back Envelopes
Mon. Sep 04 - Labor Day, Parish Office closed
Tue. Sep 05 - PreK 3 Parent Orientation, 7 PM
Wed. Sep 06 - PreK 4 Parent Orientation, 7 PM
Thu. Sep 07 - PreK 3 Children Orientation, 8:30-10 AM
Fri. Sep 08 - PreK 4 Children Orientation, 8:30-10 AM
Sun. Sep 10 - Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time
Sun. Sep 10 - Grandparents Day, special Mass at 9:30 AM
Sun. Sep 10 - Second Collection - Latin America/Home Missions
Sun. Sep 10 - Annual September 11 Mass at St. Aedan's, 7:00 PM
Mon. Sep 11 - Special September 11 Mass at 8:30 AM
Tue. Sep 12 - Bible Study starts again, 7:30 PM, Lower Parish House
Sat. Sep 16 - HalfWay to St. Patrick's Day Celebration, 7-11 PM in Gym
Sun. Sep 17 - Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Sun. Sep 17 - Catechetical Sunday, Special Mass at 9:30 AM
Sun. Sep 17 - First day of classes for PREP
Sat. Sep 30 - Social Activities - trip to West Point, Army vs. Univ. El Paso

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