Bible Study

Bible Study is now over for the summer. Father Tom will return on Tuesday, September 12 at 7:30 PM in the Lower Parish House with the study of the Book of Psalms. Have a wonderful summer!

In Bible Study, our goals are to learn from the Bible, make the Bible part of our daily lives, follow the teachings of the Bible, and increase our spiritual life. For more information about Bible Study, kindly contact Jose F. Botet, M.D., at (845) 359-6926. Those from other parishes are always welcome to join us!

Click here for the 2017 Bible Study Calendar. 2017 Bible Study Calendar


"Not only did I enjoy the learning experience, but I also thought Bible Study was a wonderful opportunity to meet and really get to know my fellow parishioners. Thank you, Father Tom."

"I remember, from the very first class, you were talking about the Temple. You said that even though people would bring their own animals to be sacrificed, they were told that those animals weren't good enough, and they would have to purchase new, "perfect" ones. Then, you said, "do you know where the best lambs were from?" Your answer, "Bethlehem." And, I thought, "Oh, of course they were!!! That was why Jesus was born in Bethlehem! He is "the most perfect lamb!"

"Another time, Jesus was approached by a Centurian and he told him that his servant was very ill. Jesus wanted to go to the Centurian's home, but the man said, "Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof, but only say the word and my "servant" will be healed." We say these words at Mass every Sunday, but now, each week, I stop and really listen to what is being said. I hear these words and I think, "what extraordinary faith!"